The Salient Features of the eLearning Solutions Software

Quick Enrolment Process with Online Software for Training

Our online training software offers a seamless enrolment process for students or trainees. They can easily enroll in any course or batch and make payments through the portal. Additionally, our bulk enrollment feature allows you to admit many students effortlessly into specific classes or batches.

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Our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) lets you upload engaging course materials for any subject or training module, including videos and PDFs. You can manage these materials through additions, deletions, or modifications. Enrolled students or trainees can access their relevant course materials directly from the portal.

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Setup Class Schedule with Online Training Software

Our eLearning website allows you to schedule class schedules for various courses or training programs. Students or trainees can access class details and video recordings for all sessions regardless of the date. This feature ensures flexibility and convenience for all users.

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Assessments are a critical part of any learning program. Our platform supports both Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and subjective assessments, offering immediate results for MCQs. The assessment module includes data validation, multiple attempts, timers, report generation, and skip capabilities. You can also create question banks and upload bulk questions.

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Specialists’ Guidance from Software for Online Teaching

Our comprehensive eLearning services allow students or trainees to resolve their queries by contacting subject matter experts. This feature enhances the interactivity and user-friendliness of the eLearning management system. Students can log their queries, which are then analyzed and responded to promptly by experts.

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Our eLearning website design is visually attractive, engaging, and highly interactive. It allows you to create custom eLearning strategies, curricula, or storyboards for any course, subject, or training program. We tailor the eLearning solutions website to your organization's unique look, feel, and essence.

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Easy to use Admin Panel

The eLearning solutions portal is managed through an intuitive admin panel, serving as a centralized control for modules such as user management, course management, and assessments. It also allows for managing static content pages and setting ad hoc schedules for classes, meetings, and discussions.

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Mobile Friendly

Our eLearning solutions website is fully accessible on mobile platforms, catering to tech-savvy students or trainees who need to stay connected to their learning or training programs on the go.

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Report Generation

The portal generates comprehensive reports for every segment, helping you analyze student or trainee performance levels, course details, and enrolment statistics. These reports provide valuable insights into your learners' progress.

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Achieve Your Business Objectives With Our Robust Elearning Solution

Leverage our feature-rich, highly interactive, and ready-to-use eLearning solution to enhance students' or trainees' learning or training experience and grow your business. We also offer customization of the learning management system to align with your business theme and needs.